Website Development, a part of Information Technology, has been an ever-growing sector, comprising various fields which can be chosen for a bright career. There are different techniques followed while developing powerful websites. Among these, PHP is being a favorite programming language of web developers due to its several attractive features. It is so popular that almost every dynamic website is being created in this language. Due to its popularity and increasing demand, there are many companies looking for enthusiast candidates with professional knowledge of PHP. Students looking for a settled and growth-oriented career can choose this field, but in order to get a job easily, it is essential to take PHP training. Syntegotech is a leading web development firm in India, which is now offering quality and job-oriented PHP training in Jaipur.

At Syntegotech, trainees will learn various fundamentals and their practical applications in a healthy working environment during PHP Training. They will be trained by our expert PHP developers who have 3+ years experience in creating world’s powerful websites. Our trainers will teach them different concepts of web development in PHP during theoretical session. After that, they will learn to apply these during the practical session. When we feel that trainees have gained good knowledge of PHP, our trainers will give them a chance to work on live projects. We also offer jobs to the candidates who have performed well during their PHP training sessions. At the end of the training, we will issue a certificate that will make it easy to get a job easily.

So, join our organization to take PHP training in Jaipur and make a shining career in this field.

Our PHP training includes:

  • Basic HTML
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Web Design
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • MySQL
  • Basic OOPS Concept
  • Database Connectivity
  • PHP
  • PHP Advance
  • AJAX
  • Wordpress
  • Live Project Training and Hosting


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