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Today, almost everyone uses the internet facility for day-today purpose ranging from a layman to an expert. Because of the accessibility of the web and its user-friendly nature, the use of internet has also been rising in the field of business. Almost every entity is engaging itself in promoting its business on the internet so that more and more people get to know about their firm and products and/or services. For this purpose, every company has begun to develop a website of their own where they can promote themselves. In such a situation, there is obviously a growing need for web developers, who can create and develop websites for these entities. This is where, career in PHP development course comes into the picture. It is a scripting language which helps in creating, developing and managing websites. This post about PHP, will help you determine its scope as a career option.


In the year 1994, Mr Rasmus Lerdorf wrote a series of Common Gateway Interface binaries using the programming language ‘C’. After making some changes to these binaries, he termed it as Personal Home Page/Forms Interpreter. On June 8, 1995, he released the PHP 1.0 version for public in order to improve the code. This version was found to be capable of building simple and dynamic web applications, but Rasmus claimed that he did not intend to create a programming language. It just grew into one organically. Later, a team was formed to work on this version which led to the PHP/FI 2 version. It was released officially on 2 November, 1997. later, more developers got added to the team and the name changed to PHP: Hypertext Processor. Since then, numerous versions have been made released and now PHP Group keeps coming up with more and more upgraded versions.


Today, the majority of website developers uses PHP scripting language to create and maintain websites. It has become a part and parcel in the world of website development. It is preferred worldwide over other scripting languages because of the following reasons:

  • Integration: The first and foremost benefit of using PHP is that it can be easily embedded into HTML. In the process of developing a website, HTML is the basic component that is to be used with another scripting language. So as these two can be integrated together, the developer need not write different codes for the two of them.
  • Low Cost: This language is quite affordable when it comes to designing, developing and customizing the websites. This cost-effective nature enables even the smallest firms with low budgets to opt for PHP.
  • Open Source Platform: It is declared as an open source platform by the PHP Group. Thus, anyone is welcome to get it downloaded free of cost and use it, learn it and make changes to it according to his/her choice.
  • Easy to Understand: This language is so easy to comprehend that even the beginners find it convenient to work with PHP. The techniques and methods associated with PHP can be easily understood and learnt.
  • Compatibility: PHP is compatible with almost all the operating systems, whether it is Windows, Mac, Linux or Unix. No matter what operating system a company uses, this language is highly portable and hence preferred by more users.
  • Flexible: This language is highly flexible in the sense that any type of text editor can be used while coding in PHP. It does not restrict the developer to use a specific text editor.
  • Dynamic: The websites developed with PHP get automatically refreshed thereby reducing the manual efforts of updating the website. This saves a lot of time and energy.

PHP Training and Jobs:

Here in Jaipur, at Syntegotech, sensing the importance of this course in today’s technologically advanced era, we provide a PHP course training in Jaipur. The theory classes are taken by real time developers who will help you to understand the basic concept of this subject. There are also practical sessions where you can implement your concepts and then we let you work with our efficient team in our Live

After the training, you can also join the team here provided that your performance is good enough and you are found suitable enough for our organization. Besides, there are ample of job opportunities in various MNCs as well.


with the increasing use of website by various business entities, there is a huge scope for website developers. Moreover, almost all of these websites make use of PHP scripting because of its cost-effective and comprehensive nature. It enables in developing a dynamic and attractive website within minimum time period as compared to other scripting languages. The demand for websites is so high that many companies who want to have websites of their own, outsource PHP website development. This helps them to save time and money and they can focus on their own business while a developer handles all the website work. Hence it is evident that making a career in PHP php training in jaipur can lead to fruitful results in future..

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